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About the organisers

A decade ago, two ceramic artists from very different backgrounds united over their shared passion and vision for Singapore's ceramics scene, giving birth to Mud Rock. Today, Mud Rock ceramics has become a household name in the ceramics industry and local community. As the pioneers of the very first production ceramics studio in Singapore, their vision and work to expand the presence of locally handcrafted ceramics in restaurants and homes has revived the ceramics culture and showcased the boundless possibilities of studio ceramics in Singapore.

To commemorate Mud Rock's 10th anniversary, they have created 'Clay Camp,' a week-long extravaganza of ceramics festivities and events. This passionate endeavour reflects Ng Seok Har and Michelle Lim's commitment to growing and elevating  Singapore's ceramics landscape. In the inaugural edition of Clay Camp, they are bringing together the very people who have inspired and taught them, not only in skills and techniques but also in the values embedded within the craft and its community. These inspirational figures include Ceramic Masters: Greg Daly (Australia), Janet Deboos (Australia), Somluk Pantiboon (Thailand), Zhang Liming (China), and Cultural Medallion potter Iskander Jalil.

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They are makers of mud and clay who share a bond over their love for beautiful ceramics that serve us daily. From an array of bowls to a solitary sculpture, they find a never-ending joy in making, crafting, exploring, and serving with clay.

Equipped with their own kilns, glaze laboratory, and trusty equipment, they can produce bespoke works, glaze formulas, and even specific clay types to cater to unique needs. Please reach out for projects or collaborations and be a part of their clay-filled journey!

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