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Daily lectures and talks given during the Clay Camp will allow the attendees to lean into the various subjects within the craft of ceramics by hearing it directly from the invited master artists and speakers.

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Where: The Arts House
When: 28th September, 7pm to 9.30pm

Ceramics & Career

In these lectures, we will explore how Master artists have thrived in this quiet art form over the past 50 years. We will dive into the unique ceramic practices of each artist, discussing what has changed, their secrets to success, and what valuable lessons we can learn from them. 

Greg Daly - Expand on his career, from the experiments of new glazes that led to him authoring glaze books, to exhibiting in the most prestigious museums and galleries. 

Somluk Pantiboon - Shares about his studio, DoyDinDang, Thailand's most successful handmade ceramics production studio that provides ceramics to the royal family and lush resorts like COMO. How they get all their materials from their natural surroundings and uplifts their village at the same time.

Janet DeBoos - Will share the stages in her extensive ceramics career  from her production pottery days in the Brindabella hills, to her exploration into fine porcelain with factories in China, and the work she now does in the desert with the indigenous communities.

Zhang Liming - Understand the world of fire with Liming, as he shares how his obsession with kilns has led him to building and sharing his ingenious kiln inventions around the world.

Tradition & Revival

Where: The Arts House
When: 29th September, 7pm

Contrary to popular belief, tradition and modernisation are not always polar opposites – they can be complementary. Join us on the second day of lectures to explore the progression of techniques and craft in the Artists’ individual specialities. From the evolution of the science behind glaze technology to carbon-neutral firing techniques, discover how the Artists have adapted traditional practices with technology in the modern context. 

Greg Daly - Tradition & revival of lustres and glazes

Zhang Liming - Tradition & revival of wood firing

Mud Rock - Tradition & revival of handmade ceramics


Ceramics & Career  (Pt 2)

(Fireside chat)
Where: The Arts House

When: 30th September, 4pm

Join us for the second instalment of ‘Ceramics & Career’, where the audience can actively participate in a conversation about life as a full-time ceramic artist. There will be guided discussions on overcoming obstacles and tackling new challenges, from technical ceramics issues to those needing legal assistance, as well as navigating the social media landscape with its potential pitfalls. This is also a great opportunity for attendees to seek advice and ask questions about their career paths in ceramics.


Zhang Liming - Tips on making his art form of kiln firing into a transferable product, and how to protect that intellectual property.

Janet DeBoos - Tips on future trends in ceramics making, academia, and guidance as an exhibiting ceramic artist.

Greg Daly - Guidance in ceramics career and working with galleries and what to look out for.

Mud Rock - Tips for the local Singaporean potter, how to get started and how to keep on track.


(Fireside chat)
 Where: The Arts House
When: 30th September, 3pm

Join us for an informal Fireside Chat, where we will explore the muddy topics of Climate Change. As ceramists, we work with materials sourced directly from the ground; we have to consider what the earth means to us. We will explore how climate change affects us and how we can make a difference as ceramic practitioners. 

We invite the audience to participate in the discussion alongside our special guests, environmental activists, and fellow artists.


Madhumitha Ardhanari (Sustainability Strategist), Janet DeBoos, Mud Rock

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