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The Masters

What makes a Master? Is it defined by decades spent on perfecting and honing one’s craft? Or measured by the prolific number of exhibitions and works sold? Perhaps it is when esteemed museums and galleries come knocking. Or maybe it is defined by their unrivalled knowledge in their medium and craft? If these are the criteria, then our featured Master Ceramic Artists have certainly checked all the boxes.


Greg Daly (Australia, Victoria)

A Master Ceramicist internationally renowned for his exceptional technical skills and aesthetic virtuosity, Greg Daly is celebrating his 50th year in Ceramics. He is particularly known for his unique glazes and dynamic forms, specialising in lustre glazes that employ various metal oxides to create rich, vivid colours and unparalleled surface effects. In addition to authoring several best-selling glaze books, Greg has won over 36 national and international awards, making his highly sought-after ceramics a staple in prestigious museums worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the National Gallery of Australia.

iskandar portrait_edited.jpg

Iskandar Jalil (Singapore)

The most celebrated ceramicist in Singapore, Iskandar Jalil, is not only an educator and mentor but also our very own Cultural Medallion recipient. A household name in Singapore, his ceramics – which integrate Japanese and Islamic styles and motifs – have inspired many artists over the years. With each show selling out, this legendary master potter is renowned for his tactile, rich surfaces and unwavering dedication to teaching and promoting ceramics in Singapore. His works are collected by museums worldwide and continue to be highly sought after.


Janet Deboos (Australia, NSW)

A Hon Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University and master ceramic artist, Janet DeBoos has a career spanning over 50 years. She's a council member of the UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics and has authored three best-selling glaze books. Janet tells stories through her ceramics that reference the rich history of the ceramic form and the cultural insinuation of the form, and the influences upon it. Her work is prolific, and her unique pottery pieces are collected and exhibited in esteemed museum institutions worldwide.


Somluk Pantiboon (Thailand)

A Master Ceramicist, Somluk Pantiboon has had a diverse career working with clay, from creating pottery to painting and architecture. Along with his wife Tamako, he founded the successful studio Doy Din Dang, which now supports an entire village by providing jobs for locals who craft top-tier ceramics for royalty and high-end resorts. As a highly esteemed artist, Somluk is also one of Thailand's most eco-conscious ceramicists, always considering his craft's environmental impact.


Zhang Liming (China, Jingdezhen)

A master in the art of kiln making and wood firing, Zhang Liming is a trailblazer in the world of ceramics. Over the past decade, he has devoted his time to researching and inventing various firing techniques, including an innovative method that produces 1300°C wood-fired pots in just an hour without any smoke. His craft and kilns have ignited the passion of a new generation of potters, both in China and abroad, earning him invitations as a Master Kiln Maker all over the world.

cna lux life_edited.jpg

Mud Rock (Singapore)

A decade ago, Seok and Michelle opened Singapore's first ceramic production studio and breathed new life into the world of handmade local ceramics. Their creations, from sculptures to tableware, now grace homes and restaurants worldwide. More than just providing beautiful, functional wares to people’s lives, they have fostered a sense of community by engaging the public with their craft and medium - clay.

Dry Clay

Clay Camp is proud to present the most exhilarating gathering of Ceramic Master Artists in Singapore. For the first time ever, these world-renowned Ceramic Masters and national living treasures will be in Singapore to showcase their work and impart their knowledge and wisdom through lectures, masterclasses, and demonstrations. (Don't forget to bring your books for a chance to get them autographed!)


Join us for the first instalment of Clay Camp that celebrates the mastery and camaraderie within the ceramics community.

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