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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should attend Clay Camp?

Anyone interested in the craft of ceramics, and would like to increase their knowledge in the various subjects within the craft. Whether theoretical or practical ceramics, whether glaze, firing or art making, all these subjects will be covered and taught by the world's leading ceramic master artists.

2. Is there an age limit?


3. Do I need to have a certain skill level before I attend Clay Camp?

No. All you need is an interest in ceramics!

4. Do I need to have a certain skill level before I attend a Masterclass?

Yes, depending on which masterclass you intend to take part in, check what the pre-requisites are. They vary depending on the subject.

5. What ticket should I buy if I only want to attend the lectures or demonstrations?

The ALL ACCESS pass gives you entry to all lectures, as well as all demonstrations, the opening party and closing camp fire party. 

6. What is included in the All Access ticket?

A goodie bag upon registration on opening day. Opening party, all lectures, all workshops & demos, all exhibitions, picnic, and the closing campfire party.

7. Can I attend the Masterclasses with my All Access ticket?

No. Masterclasses are limited and sold separately from the All Access ticket.

8. Can I get a refund if I can't attend? 

Unfortunately there will be no refunds available.

9. Can I transfer the ticket or pass to another name mid-way? 

No, entry to all events will require you to show your pass that will have your registered name on the ticket and IDs will be checked. We reserve the right to deny entry to person/s who abuse the ticketing system.

One pass = one same person throughout the duration of the Clay Camp.

10. Are our tickets expensive?

Not at all! You will definitely be getting your money's worth. In fact, when compared to other workshops or festivals that run with such caliber of artists & activities, this is a steal! All profits that come through tickets and merchandise will help to offset these costs, and pay our invited masters for their time and effort. As a 100% independent non-profit event with no grants, the organizers have had to cover the costs of the master artists flights, hotels, material for the masterclasses and the rental of all the venues.

Plus even if you could by the slimmest chance attend any of their masterclasses else where you will need to incur the cost of travel etc. So yeah! We are only doing this because its been ten years and this is how we would like to give back to our community.

11. Are there any discounts?

Yes, the early bird passes with 10% discount. This is between the 15th to 30th June.

If you are a student or teacher, we suggest you approach your art or HR department to see if the school has a sponsorship program.

12. Any other questions can be sent to:

We reserve the right to deny entry to any person/s who disrespects or pose a threat to any of the organizing committee members, participants or artists.

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